Crane and construction sites seem to fill up the city skyline, and they are signs of progress as the city grows and ramps up for new and exciting things.
There are certain trends in construction that we can’t help but notice. Many of these construction companies are putting their brands front and centre.

  • Boarding Up
    It used to be that plain placeholders were the rule for boarding up and covering up a worksite at the ground level, but now fancy signage is being put in its place to make the site more attractive.
  • Humour
    Using a humorous touch on the signage not only gets the attention of people, but it also helps to alert people about the dangers of getting into the construction site.
  • Crane Ads
    This is a great use of available space and resources and provides great visibility to signage that the construction company needs to get across to the public. Some even use lighting to give the signs an enhanced effect.
  • Using Equipment
    Cranes are not the only machinery that can be adorned with signage. Backhoes, bulldozers and other machinery is being fitted with graphics to market the construction company brand.
  • Vehicle Graphics
    Truck-side ads get noticed, and these eye-catching vehicles get in tons of miles on the highways and streets, attracting attention to bringing notice to the brand.

If you are adverting your business or just trying to warn people about the dangers of getting too close to your construction site, inventive signage is a great way to do it. By using just a bit of creativity, you can catch people’s attention and ensure that your message gets across.